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Listening to HD Music with an Android Device

Hello I put together a video to setup your Android device to play HD music formats.

Let me know what you think and if you are interested in more detail on HD music formats.



Pono Music Player

I have had many discussions with my brother-in-law about the poor quality music that is being paid for and listened to through portable music players. ¬†We seem to have a whole generation of kids that have never listened to high quality music. The Pono Music player (Founded by Neil Young) addresses this problem…they have created a high quality portable music player designed specifically to allow you to listen to the recording in it’s original format. They have begun a Kickstarter campaign to raise money and begin selling the player, the Kickstarter Page has some great detailed information about how the device works. Give it a read and/or pledge some money if you are interested in high quality portable music.

Pono Music Player


Image from https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1003614822/ponomusic-where-your-soul-rediscovers-music

An Amazing Music Gadget

I recently ran across this gadget from Ableton called Push. It is a device that connects your computer and allows you to create manipulate music. Watch the video of it here. It looks like you could lose many hours playing around with it, a must have gadget for all of you musically creative people out there.



Image from Ableton.com