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Nvidia Announces Tegra X1 With Maxwell GPU

The specs on this chip are awesome, I may be looking for this chip in my next phone. the article has all the specs for us nerdy types.


Verizon offers a new router designed for the smart home

I have been expecting new routers with more features and interfaces to be announced as our inventory of Wi-Fi gadgets continue to increase at home and at the office. I did not expect Verizon to be the first vendor to bring a smarter wireless router to the table. Read the blog post from Gigaom for the details and links about the new wireless router form Verizon.



In many homes, the wireless router is the weak link between the web and your actual internet experience. It may be too slow, coverage might be uneven and it doesn’t often have the features a consumer needs to control their devices and home network without becoming a network engineer.

[company]Verizon[/company] is solving this issue with a new gateway it built in partnership with [company]Greenwave Systems[/company]. The FiOS Quantum Gateway can deliver speeds of up to 800 Mbps inside the home. It also separates high bandwidth activities like video streaming to the 5GHz network, while other web-based activities are shunted over the 2.4GHz network that tends to be more crowded. Z-wave is integrated into the router for controlling certain connected devices and sensors. Eventually, Verizon will update the router with software that lets the homeowner (or renter) control access on a device-by-device basis.

This means, for instance, that you can control…

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