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Google Wants Access to Utility Poles

Google filed a motion with the FCC to get access to the utility poles. From Brad Reed at BGR news: full article can be read here.

Google this week told the FCC that reclassifying broadband providers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act would have a big side benefit for Google Fiber because it would give Google Fiber the same access to utility poles and other key infrastructure currently enjoyed by Comcast, AT&T and other big-name ISPs.

This would speed up Google’s rollout of fiber cable for Internet service. This would be great for us consumers as it will put more pressure on the current ISPs to increase speed and lower cost. Some of the ISPs are currently blocking not only Google but any company that wants access to those utility poles.

Here’s hoping Google gets what it wants for the new year!



Keeping your Google Account Secure

If you are using public or work computers to access your Google account here I have put together a YouTube video for keeping your account secure. Being connected to your Google account across multiple devices certainly makes it easy to access your favorite websites and tools. However this ease of access to your Google accounts can also be a security concern. Google has some built in security tools for monitoring and securing your Google account across multiple devices.

There are two common scenarios where you should consider using two-step verification.

  1. If you frequently use a work computer to access your Google accounts I would strongly recommend enacting two-step verification to access your accounts. Companies have the ability to log your keystrokes on work computers – this means it would be fairly easy for them to capture your Google account password. By enabling two-step verification someone would have to have your password and your phone present to access your account.
  2. If you use public computers you will also wanna enable two-step verification so on the off chance that someone captures your password on a public computer they also would need to have your phone present to access your Google account.

In either the work scenario or the public computer scenario it would be wise to have a unique password just for your Google account. If you have a unique password just for your Google account and if someone were to capture that password they would not be able to use it to access any of your other digital/online accounts. If you need some help on creating passwords check out my password posts herehere, and here. Enjoy the video!

– Dave

Using Google Hangouts Part 2 Adding people to your Google+ Account

Alright part 2 is ready. You need to have people to talk with in a hangout so here are several ways to add them to your Google+ account so you can hangout with them. After adding people you can put them into circles to keep them organized.


Using Google Hangouts Part 1 Create a Google+ Account

I wanted to put together a series of videos for my family so we can all get together using Google Hangouts. I quickly realized that there would be many steps…none of them hard. So this will become a multi-part posting beginning with creating a Google+ account..

So What is Google+…from Ara Wagoner:

Google+ is a social network that builds off of your Google Account. If you have a Google Account, you can activate your Google+ account as easily as you would activate Google Now. At first, it seems about the same as Facebook or Twitter, importing contacts and assigning them to circles — Google+’s version of lists. After that, you can add curated circles for your particular interests, entertainment, news, sports, etc. That said, the first big difference is that Google+ isn’t reliant on any of those real-life contacts you import. I went into Google+ with none of my family or friends using the site. That’s right, none. And that was perfectly fine, because my feed is not clogged with baby pictures and engagement announcements like Facebook is. It’s filled with Android, cooking and Disney. Because those are my interests and my passions, and that is a big part of what Google+ is for: connecting you to other people who are interested in your passions.

I looked at several different definitions and I liked this one the best.

We need Google+ circles to create our Google Hangouts and invite people to attend. So let’s get to work creating a Google+ account, review my video and get your account setup.


Google Adds Android Screen Mirroring To Chromecast


Now I can share my tablet and or smart phone screen on the big screen, this will be great  for conferences and group meetings.  You can read more about it here.





Google Releases the SDK for ChromeCast

Great news…Google is released the SDK development kit for ChromeCast on Monday! More information on the release can be read here. I love my ChromeCast and this will make it better…allowing all developers who are interested to start making app for this little gadget! If you have not heard of ChromeCast is you can read up on it here.




Nest Protect

Two weeks ago my downstairs smoke detector began chirping because it had a low battery. The disturbing chirping is particularly annoying to our dogs and tends to make them anxious and upset. So I quickly replaced the battery in the smoke detector and after about 20 min. the dogs calmed down. This past Sunday we smoke detector began chirping again indicating it had a low battery, the dogs were quite annoyed and upset so I took the smoke detector down remove the battery and through it in the trashcan. I then began looking for a smoke detector that did not chirp when the battery was low. I have been following the Nest company and their offerings so I decided to purchase a Nest Protect smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector to replace the one that I threw in the trash. The Nest Protect does not chirp in the battery is low yea!. It has lithium ion batteries that should last at least 10 years! It connects to your Wi-Fi network – and has an app to control it and receive status updates from it at anytime and anywhere. The Nest product was definitely more expensive ($129.00) than the other smoke detectors on the market I am happy with it and will begin replacing the other smoke detectors in my house with the Nest Protect smoke detectors.

nest protect

There is an added bonus, Google has purchased the nest company so I expect there will be many more interesting products for home automation delivered in the coming years. I may be on my way to having a Google house! I am hoping for Google Internet (1 GB) to become available in my area.

– Dave

The future of facial recognition

The future of facial recognition:

7 fascinating facts | TED Blog http://ow.ly/pWzvK

This is article does a great job listing the upcoming facial recognition projects. It is a technology that will become much more prevalent in the coming decade, and has many privacy implications.


Google Smart Watch Rumor

Google is putting 3 things I love all together: Google, Smart Watch, Android 4.4 KitKat. It looks like it will be released on 10/31/13 with the launch of Android 4.4…the best day for KitKats! Full article is here.




Google Rolls out Webdesigner

Google has made the beta version of webdesigner available for download and use. It was designed to make it easier to create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device. This will be a good tool for small business to create interactive websites without using expensive programs or needing to have extensive knowledge in html, java, or javascript.Google webdesigner screen shot