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Anonymous Leaked A Massive List Of Passwords And Credit Card Numbers

If you have an Amazon, Xbox Live, or Playstation network account, you will want to at the very least change your passwords and monitor the credit card linked to the account.

Volvo, Ericsson and POC show off crash-avoidance cycling helmet

Volvo always trying to keep us all safe…with a bike helmet avoidance system.


A trio of Swedish firms — car manufacturer Volvo, helmet maker POC and networking outfit Ericsson — have announced a collaboration around the avoidance of collisions between cars and cyclists.

At the Consumer Electronics Show next month, the companies will show off a system that determines when the helmet-wearing cyclist and a Volvo driver are likely to crash into one another. The driver will get a warning through the car’s heads-up display, and the cyclist will be alerted through a flashing light in the helmet.

Volvo POC cycle helmetThe POC helmet will need to connect to Volvo’s cloud through a location-tracking app such as Strava, while the car will need to be one of the newer Volvos that already use radar and cameras to detect cyclists and automatically brake when a collision is imminent.

It’s a nice idea, and one that should draw attention to Volvo’s noble ambition that “nobody should die or…

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Let the Holiday Season Begin with Some Phishing…

Looks like we can add Target and Walmart to the list of companies that the phishing scheme is impersonating. You can find more details on the scheme over at Krebs on Security.

The Right SOCS

We couldn’t get through the first holiday weekend with some cyber crime. is reporting that 2 phishing emails are making the rounds from their article:

Two phishing emails have shown up in my inbox in the last two days, masquerading as orders from popular American retailers: The Home Depot (a home-improvement store chain) and Costco (a warehouse club). Both serve as timely reminders that, as Americans recover from their Thanksgiving celebrations and the online search for holiday bargains begins, criminals are also active online, seeking to exploit the seasonal surge in shopping activity, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, and beyond. Hopefully, it goes without saying that you should delete messages like this right away (if you really are expecting notification about an order from a retailer, confirm it with a phone call, or by typing the company URL into your browser and navigating to the order tracking page).

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This is Vudu Spark, Walmart’s very own Chromecast competitor

Interesting a new competitor to the Chromecast is on the way. I have a VUDU account, you can stream digital copies of movies that you have purchased that come with an Ultraviolet copy (code). You can rent movies for around $3.99 for SD or $5.99 for HD. You can buy movies from VUDU for about the same price as the physical disc sells for in a store…but you can only watch the movies through the VUDU service.


Add Walmart to the list of companies that’s trying to sell you a Chromecast-like HDMI streaming stick: The retail giant’s Vudu streaming service is getting ready to unveil a HDMI stick dubbed Vudu Spark that is meant to — surprise — give users access to Vudu. The stick popped up in the FCC database this week, which tends to be a good sign that a release is imminent.

The filing, which was done on behalf of the device’s South Korean manufacturer Inktel Corporation, comes with a bunch of unredacted details, including photos of the device as well as a user manual that describes the pretty straightforward functionality of the Spark streaming stick: Upon starting it for the very first time, users have to set up their Wi-Fi network. After that, it automatically launches into the Vudu app.

vudu spark big

There is no mention of any other apps or features, so it looks…

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Malware Discovered In China Could Herald ‘New Era’ Of iOS And Mac Threats

It looks like Apple has this virus under control. More importantly hackers are ramping up attacks on Apple devices, there have been several notable attacks in the recent months. Apple users should be taking note and be wary of viruses and hacking attempt through email and apps.


The Internet Archive Now Lets You Play 900+ Classic Arcade Games In Your Browser

I have used the Internet Archive for several projects, but did not realize they had classic arcade games…way cool!


Google and Nest Acquire Dropcam For $555

Google and Nest Acquire Dropcam For $555 Million | TechCrunch This is the next step for creating a Google connected home. My next security cam will probably be a DropCam.


Samsung Smart Home Set To Transform Ever

Samsung Smart Home Set To Transform Everyday Life | Samsung Electronics Official Blog: Samsung Tomorrow #TECH I love Samsung products!

Multipath Networks wants to mix and matc

Multipath Networks wants to mix and match your broadband to give you a faster pipe — Tech News and Analysis

I have been looking at these type of solutions over the past 2 years. The hardware is available right now. This product looks to be more user friendly, making it possible for the small business owner to create an internet connection with fallover support. I hope to see this device on the market soon.