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Google Wants Access to Utility Poles

Google filed a motion with the FCC to get access to the utility poles. From Brad Reed at BGR news: full article can be read here.

Google this week told the FCC that reclassifying broadband providers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act would have a big side benefit for Google Fiber because it would give Google Fiber the same access to utility poles and other key infrastructure currently enjoyed by Comcast, AT&T and other big-name ISPs.

This would speed up Google’s rollout of fiber cable for Internet service. This would be great for us consumers as it will put more pressure on the current ISPs to increase speed and lower cost. Some of the ISPs are currently blocking not only Google but any company that wants access to those utility poles.

Here’s hoping Google gets what it wants for the new year!



Obama tells the FCC to implement real net neutrality. And he’s serious.

Rarely if ever do I post about anything political. But for those of us that use the Internet as a tool to support our business this is an important issue. I am glad to see the president issuing a comprehensive statement on net neutrality and I hope that the FCC follows the policy outlined. Please read the article below as it does a great job outlining the policy and its ramifications.
– Dave


Proving himself the policy nerd that pundits deride, President Obama has issued a comprehensive statement on network neutrality that covers all of the points left uncovered in his generic praise for the policy a few weeks back. The president is calling for the FCC to implement Title II rules from the Telecommunications Act of 1934, which is what the ISPs view as the nuclear option when it comes to network neutrality rules. Such rules would seek to prevent ISPs from blocking or slowing lawful content on both their last mile networks and at interconnection points.

The president also called for network neutrality rules to apply to wireless networks, something that the original Open Internet Order from 2010 didn’t even do. These are some pretty big calls for actions, and so far the ISPs aren’t impressed. The CTIA issued a statement that found the president’s plans “inappropriate” and said…

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