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Listening to HD Music with an Android Device

Hello I put together a video to setup your Android device to play HD music formats.

Let me know what you think and if you are interested in more detail on HD music formats.



Using Google Hangouts Part 3 Starting a New Hangout

The last of the 3 part series for Google Hangouts…Creating a hangout. Navigating the Google world can be somewhat challenging because there are always several different workflows to use their software offerings and Google updates their products frequently. All this to say if you find another way to start a Hang out that you like use it!


Using Google Hangouts Part 2 Adding people to your Google+ Account

Alright part 2 is ready. You need to have people to talk with in a hangout so here are several ways to add them to your Google+ account so you can hangout with them. After adding people you can put them into circles to keep them organized.


Using Google Hangouts Part 1 Create a Google+ Account

I wanted to put together a series of videos for my family so we can all get together using Google Hangouts. I quickly realized that there would be many steps…none of them hard. So this will become a multi-part posting beginning with creating a Google+ account..

So What is Google+…from Ara Wagoner:

Google+ is a social network that builds off of your Google Account. If you have a Google Account, you can activate your Google+ account as easily as you would activate Google Now. At first, it seems about the same as Facebook or Twitter, importing contacts and assigning them to circles — Google+’s version of lists. After that, you can add curated circles for your particular interests, entertainment, news, sports, etc. That said, the first big difference is that Google+ isn’t reliant on any of those real-life contacts you import. I went into Google+ with none of my family or friends using the site. That’s right, none. And that was perfectly fine, because my feed is not clogged with baby pictures and engagement announcements like Facebook is. It’s filled with Android, cooking and Disney. Because those are my interests and my passions, and that is a big part of what Google+ is for: connecting you to other people who are interested in your passions.

I looked at several different definitions and I liked this one the best.

We need Google+ circles to create our Google Hangouts and invite people to attend. So let’s get to work creating a Google+ account, review my video and get your account setup.


Printing with Your Android Device to an HP Printer

The latest of my Android “How To” video. With the change of checking email and other work tasks moving to our mobile devices the ability to print from these devices is almost becoming a necessity. I put together the video that details the procedure for installing and using the HP ePrint app.


Putting the Chromecast to work

Now that I have got you to connect the Chromecast and use the Pandora and YouTube app here is a quick video that brings all 3 together.


Using the Pandora Android App

The next video installment for my mom.
Using the Pandora App on an Android Device – YouTube
#Pandora #YouTube


Using the Android YouTube App – YouTube

Using the Android YouTube App – YouTube


Google Adds Android Screen Mirroring To Chromecast


Now I can share my tablet and or smart phone screen on the big screen, this will be great  for conferences and group meetings.  You can read more about it here.





Aereo now a Chromecast Compatible App

Another big step towards cutting the cable cord, Aereo is now a Chromecast compatible app! What does that mean well in the cities that Aereo serves now have Over the Air TV  and DVR service for $12 per month….yeah that would be less than you are paying now.

More information is available over at TechCrunch link is here.