LizardSquad sounds like a name from a video game. Unfortunately they are a hacking group that attacked Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox networks over Christmas. They were indeed successful at taking both networks down on Christmas day.

So who are these guys?

Of course we don’t really know because anonymity is their best defense. Two people that claim to be the LizardSquad did an interview with BBC. You can read about the interview over at Krebs. But what we do know is that the attack was not a very sophisticated one. It was a simple DDoS attack, the surprising thing is that the PlayStation network in the Xbox network was so vulnerable to a common or basic type of attack. It appears the group was really looking for fame and perhaps some money – which they got in the form of $300,000 worth of vouchers from Megaupload.

It seems unlikely we will hear from this group again as one person has been arrested in Finland and there are reports that a second person is being sought at this time.

Hopefully they did not interrupt your Christmas plans – although we have a PlayStation and an Xbox here they are rarely used so they did not interfere with my Christmas.

Happy new year!

– Dave

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