New cord cutting data spells trouble for traditional TV

It is getting easier and easier to find the content online with the need for a cable or Satellite box. I have a streaming device connected to every TV in the house.


Yup, it’s happening: TV viewers are abandoning traditional broadcast and cable networks for online streaming services, and new devices in their living rooms are making it easier for them to cut the cord. That’s the gist of two new studies from Nielsen and GfK.

Nielsen is reporting that traditional TV viewing dropped four percent last quarter, according to the Wall Street Journal. The average American watched 141 hours of TV per month during that time period, compared to 147 hours during the same time last year. Viewing of streaming services, on the other hand, rose to 11 hours per month, up from seven hours per month a year ago.

If that still seems like a steep imbalance, then it’s worth keeping in mind that Nielsen has effectively been undercounting [company]Netflix[/company] usage for years by only looking at PC-based streaming. The company is just now beginning to measure Netflix streaming…

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