The Sony Hack is Worse than Previously Reported

Oh boy the amount of data that has been stolen from Sony maybe much worse than the first reports.

According to a Reddit thread the following items are among the supposedly compromised data:

  • PDF files that apparently contain the passports, visas, and other associated identity documents of cast and crew for various Sony productions, such as actors Jonah Hill, Cameron Diaz, and Angelina Jolie (plus a file called Emmerich, Roland Greencard.pdf).
  • Over 700 documents containing passwords, including spreadsheets and Word files titled “FTP passwords,” “ResearchPasswords,” “ACCOUNTING PASSWORDS,” “Personal passwords,” and other files named for specific creative resource sites.
  • 179 Outlook archival .pst mailboxes, including the mail folder of an executive at Sony Pictures Releasing Canada, an IT Audit Supervisor at Sony, as well as many “archive.pst” and “backup.pst” files.
  • Business documents including film budgets (“JR_Accrued Mktg Cost 0513 – Evil Dead.xls”) and contract documents (“Cameron Diaz – Pre-approved Medical Rider.doc”).

And from The Wrap

Further disturbing is that thus far the studio’s IT experts have been unable to reverse the attack and get the computer system back to normal. “The IT department has absolutely no idea what hit them or if they can recover any of their files or operating systems, or even turn on their computers Monday,” said the insider.

The full article from The Wrap can be found here.

The only good news for consumers is the hackers did not appear to go after consumer or Play Station Network personal data.

This is a big mess for Sony to clean up. I will be interested to read about the details of the hack if they are ever made public.


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