Amazon prepares for UK drone tests, but commercial launch would need law change

All indications are that Amazon is continuing to create a Drone delivery system…testing and infrastructure are being built in Cambridge. I can hardly wait to receive my first amazon delivery via Drone. Read on for more details.


Amazon is recruiting people to assist with tests of its “Amazon Prime Air” drones in the U.K., job ads posted in the last couple months show. However, the company faces significant restrictions on the tests it can carry out in the country, and aviation rules would require revamping for any commercial drone rollout.

The ads, flagged by TechCrunch, include two for flight operations engineers who will need to act as safety observers using test flights, “both outdoor and indoor,” to help plan the evolution of flight tests and develop safety policies. Amazon is also looking for a research scientist, a project manager and a site leader. The jobs are based in Cambridge.

The German postal giant [company]DHL[/company] is already testing delivery by drone, most recently launching a pilot in which “parcelcopters” deliver packages to the North Sea island of Juist. This process is entirely automated, albeit monitored in…

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