Use your IPad to access your Windows PC

Have you ever wanted to stop playing games and get some work done with your iPad? There are good apps that will allow you to access your PC via your iPad either on your home network or through the internet. Unfortunately most of these apps are not free and tend to be subscription based (you continue to pay monthly or yearly). The Pocket Cloud app  does have a free version as well as upgraded versions that you pay for annually. Since your finger does not have a left and right button like your mouse all of the apps have some type of mouse interface that allows you to access the right mouse button on your PC.

Remote access iPad Apps

  • Pocket Cloud
  • TeamViewer
  • Desktop Connect
  • Parallels Access for iPad
  • Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop 

I have used the Splashtop app and found it to easy to setup and use.

So put the games away and get some work done with your iPad!

If you would like more detailed information about these apps Geoffrey Goetz over at Gigaom has a great article that I have linked to here.




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  • Aliasgar Babat (@aliasgar_babat)  On July 1, 2014 at 1:41 am

    Hey, in addition to above mentioned tools, you can even try using RHUB`s iOS app for conducing online meetings and remotely accessing computers. It is free.

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