Nest Protect

Two weeks ago my downstairs smoke detector began chirping because it had a low battery. The disturbing chirping is particularly annoying to our dogs and tends to make them anxious and upset. So I quickly replaced the battery in the smoke detector and after about 20 min. the dogs calmed down. This past Sunday we smoke detector began chirping again indicating it had a low battery, the dogs were quite annoyed and upset so I took the smoke detector down remove the battery and through it in the trashcan. I then began looking for a smoke detector that did not chirp when the battery was low. I have been following the Nest company and their offerings so I decided to purchase a Nest Protect smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector to replace the one that I threw in the trash. The Nest Protect does not chirp in the battery is low yea!. It has lithium ion batteries that should last at least 10 years! It connects to your Wi-Fi network – and has an app to control it and receive status updates from it at anytime and anywhere. The Nest product was definitely more expensive ($129.00) than the other smoke detectors on the market I am happy with it and will begin replacing the other smoke detectors in my house with the Nest Protect smoke detectors.

nest protect

There is an added bonus, Google has purchased the nest company so I expect there will be many more interesting products for home automation delivered in the coming years. I may be on my way to having a Google house! I am hoping for Google Internet (1 GB) to become available in my area.

– Dave

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