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I am frequently asked “What is a good password”, “How do I create a new unique password” and “How do I keep track of my passwords?”

Let’s talk about creating passwords today.


  • Use your house number by itself
  • Use your pets name by itself
  • Use your kids name by itself
  • Use your birth date by itself
  • Use your phone number by itself
  • Use any information that you have posted on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or any other Social Site

These bits of personal are easily found on the internet.


  • Passwords are case sensitive, so change case in your passwords.
  • Put a number(s) in your password
  • Add a symbol such as !@#$%^&* to your password
  • Read the password requirements before choosing a password
  • When on the internet make sure you are on a secure website before entering your password the address should start with https not just http

If you are having trouble creating a password try this phrase based technique. Create a 7 to 10 word phrase

I like to eat chocolate cake every day! Turn it into a password by taking the first letter of every word.

Il2ecced! Presto i have created a hard to guess password.

There are also password generating websites if you would like to let computers choose for you, Try one of these three below.

Secure password generator

The Bitmill

Next Up How to keep track of your passwords.


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