Aereo your DVR in the Cloud

I ran across this website called Aereo. They have the right idea for the future of TV viewing, your DVR is in the cloud and you access it through the “Cloud.” Right now their channel selection is limited but growing, coverage area is also limited but growing (I hope to see Columbus on the list soon). Take a look around their website , The how it works section below was taken from their website.

Imagine a TV antenna…

  • Until now, watching free, over-the-air television required a giant rooftop antenna or awkward rabbit ears. Aereo changed all that.
  • Now, your TV antenna is unbelievably small. So small it can fit on the tip of your finger. But it still gets awesome HD reception.
  • Your antenna is in the cloud. With lots of other antennas, all connected to DVRs and super-fast Internet connections.
  • It’s incredibly easy to use. Simply launch Aereo on anycompatible device and watch from anywhere in your homecoverage area.

I am looking forward to more services for TV viewing over the internet like this one.


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