Smart Watches

I have always liked watches, not Rolex type Jewelry watches but digital watches  that have interesting features. Almost all of the major gadget manufacturers (Apple, Google etc) are working on their own connected smart watch. So I thought I would give you a rundown of three smart watches that are available to purchase right now.

Let’s start with  Pebble it is an E-Paper watch that works via Bluetooth and connects to your iPhone or Android phone. It sends notifications to the watch face that the user can dismiss by shaking their wrist. It is can be be used with or without a smart phone, so you don’t have to have or phone with you at all times. They have many developers creating apps (they have the most third party apps) for the watch some include a range finder for golf and a speed and distance display for use while biking or running. The Pebble is selling for $150 as of the beginning of August 2013 they are in a back order position on some the colors. It looks to be the top seller in the smart watch category.


Image from the Pebble website

Next up I’m Watch smartwatch this Italian designed watch has a color display and links to your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth.  It also has a headphone jack for listening to music.  It is fairly new and does not have as many apps as the Pebble. I think the styling and color display make it look great but the price is on the high end with MSRP at $399 (you can currently find them for $299).

im watch watch-collection

Image from I’m Watch website

The third watch worth mentioning is the Martin Smartwatch. I think this is the best looking of the 3 smart watches on my list. It looks like a watch first and gadget second. It does require that it be connected to your iPhone or Android phone to use any features beyond keeping time in short it is designed to be an extension of your smartphone . The Martian Smartwatch offers hands-free voice commands, messages and alerts display, and smartphone camera control. Martin has a large variety of styles to choose from and are selling for $299.

martin watch

Image from the Martin Watch website

I have not purchased a smart watch yet, I am waiting to see the offerings from Google and Apple which should be out shortly before I make my purchase. Drop me a note if you own a smart watch and let me know what you think.


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