How to Read and Write Twitter Part 3

NSFW —Not safe for work. The link or picture linked to the tweet may contain graphic images (pornography or violence) that are not appropriate for a work computer.

PRT Partial retweet. This is used the same way as MT or MRT

RLRT Real life retweet RLRT is used when you tweet a quote from someone “in real life,” not a celebrity.

RT Retweet. Forwarding another accounts tweet, occasionally with an additional comment. The RT marks the end of the forwarder’s comment and the start of the original post/tweet. For example “Great Article! RT @joesmith: Joe’s new post at”

TFTF  Thanks for the follow, sent when you want to acknowledge a new “follower.”

TIL Today I learned I see this occasionally on Twitter but I think it actually originated over at reddit.

TMB Tweet me back. Asking another user for a response to a tweet.

TQRT Thanks for the retweet

TT Translated tweet: The original tweet has been translated to a another language. The translation can be  bad/humorous.

W/ With followed by the user twitter handle

That is all the twitter language that I know, if you some others words phrases that I should add to the list let me know in the comment section of the post.


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