How to Read and Write Twitter

The post on twitter generated questions on what the different short cuts and symbols mean and how they are  used in tweets.

@ The “at” sign is used to mention a Twitter handle (account) mine is @DavidFlom. It also becomes a link to that user’s profile. When posting a tweet referencing somebody or business that has a twitter account you should refer to them by their twitter handle (account) this will make it easy for the account owner to see the tweet. When you refer to another account in a tweet it is called a “mention.”

# The pound or hash symbol is used to tag keywords, events, places or emotions in a tweet. Using a pound symbol turns the phrase into a link that lets you filter or view other tweets containing the same tag. It groups like tweets together so you can have a conversation about that hashtag subject with people you do not follow. You can have multiple hashtags in one tweet. I think the most popular hashtag this year was #superbowl, #sharknado may be a close second :). The hashtag allows you to view tweets on the subject and interact with other twitter accounts that you do not follow.

$ The dollar sign is used on Twitter before a company’s stock market name/code and is a  financial hashtag. If I wanted to refer to Google I would use $GOOG in the tweet, it allows you to shorten your tweets, search all tweets about the company and interact with other twitter accounts that you do not follow.

^ The caret  is used to when a tweet composed and sent by an individual for a group account used by multiple people, usually a company or organization account. It appears at the end of a Tweet and precedes initials of the person authoring and  posting the tweet. For example ^df

This will need to be a multipost series…I will post more on Reading and Writing on Twitter later.


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