What is Twitter Good For?

What is Twitter good for? I have a twitter account @davidflom but I have been wondering lately how can I use it effectively?

I was following about 5000 twitter accounts which meant that I was receiving about 20 posts a minute into my timeline. That is way to many for me to read let alone process any of the information. So my first step was to stop following all the accounts that did not post information that I was interested in…down to 44 account that I am following.  Now when I log in to twitter I only see information that I am truly interested in reading. By the way apparently twitter does not allow you to unfollow multiple accounts at once. So I had to unfollow each account one at a time.

So now that my timeline is useful how do I find information about subjects that I am interested in from people I do not follow? The almighty hashtag # is our friend for helping us see tweets from people that we don’t follow on subject we are interested in. I have found a program called HooteSuite that allows me to setup streams that monitor a specific hashtag. So if I want to all the tweets related to the Columbus Blue Jackets I monitor the #CBJ hashtag…easy.

Every tweet I send out is visible by everyone on twitter so I use hashtags in my posts so that people I don’t know can interact with me on a particular subject without having to follow them. I can also mention a user name in my most and direct a comment to them…again I do not have to follow them to do this.

I don’t think that the 5,000 or so accounts following me will help amplify any of my posts…the effective use hashtags is a  far more effective way of reaching people that I do not know personally.

What is Twiiter good for? Interacting with people you do not know on subjects that you are interested in.

On a personnel note I recommend keeping all of your posts positive…you never know who is reading your posts and it is all public.


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