Fast and Free Secure Email through Gmail

I have been telling people for years that basic email is not secure…in fact assume that the whole world can read your email. There are free secure email methods that I will blogging about, today I am going to review the a method using Gmail and Google Chrome

To send secure email through Gmail you need a Google Chrome add-on called SecureGmail, SecureGmail encrypts and decrypts the email on the local machine…so when it is flying through cyberspace it is encrypted and essentially unreadable.

After installing the add in when you open Gmail you will see a lock next to your compose button.Gmail Lock


Click on the lock button to start a Secure Email. Your compose window will look like the one below:



Compose your message and click on the button “Send Encrypted”

You will be prompted for a password and a hint for the message.

You will need to provide recipient the pass word separately from the encrypted message… I would not send it via email over the phone or text message would be best. If it someone you work with frequently reuse the same password.

Send me a note if you have other alternatives for secure email, I would interested to check them out as well.



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