What is InPrivate Browsing?

InPrivate browsing can be opened in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome (incognito) and Firefox (private browsing). It is a good tool to use on a public computer. For example if you went to the library to check your personal email if you opened an InPrivate session all of your personal information would be deleted when you have finished and closed the browser.

All three browsers make it very easy to activate this option, when you open a new tab all three browsers give you an option to open an InPrivate session.I have linked to an article on Microsoft.com that gives all these specific details on what is saved and what is not in an InPrivate browsing session. http://ow.ly/mvaFd

When you’re using a public (borrowed) computer and want to be sure that none of your private information is stored on the computer after you’re finished then using the InPrivate browsing option is the right tool for you to use.


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