E-mail attachments

I have had a number of my customers ask me about a rash of e-mails containing attachments from unknown senders. These e-mails are typically worded something like “you have a package waiting to be delivered from FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL please open the attachment to view the tracking information.” The attachment is usually some sort of zip file. The senders are using a zip file to hide a virus in these e-mails. A zip file format is easier to get by antivirus software on your computer. When a user gives the command to open the zip files you are actually giving your computer permission to install the virus – this usually leads to crying later. None of the major package delivery services will be sending you an e-mail with tracking information in a zip file format. Nor will Dell be sending you a zip file attachment so that you can claim your new computer. If it sounds too good to be true – on the Internet it is certainly too good to be true. E-mail is the most common way that viruses are spread throughout the Internet. Any time you receive an e-mail from an unknown sender containing an attachment you should delete it without opening it.


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