Windows 7 versus Windows 8

I have been using Windows 8 for about a month now, and thought it would be a good time to post my thoughts on the new operating system. The Windows 8 user interface is substantially different than the Windows 7 user interface, this is the most noticeable change between the two operating systems. Now for the good the bad:


Microsoft created Windows 8 wanting to give your computer, tablet and phone the same look and feel. Microsoft believes that if you make the operation of these three devices virtually the same they’ll be able to acquire and keep more customers (thanks for the idea Apple). It was also designed to make sharing data between the different devices as simple and seamless as possible. They have definitely achieved those two goals.


The user interface for Windows 8 works best on touchscreens. Unfortunately most of us do not have touchscreen computers at this time, using Windows 8 with a mouse is definitely less productive than using Windows 8 with a touchscreen. Many of the new shortcuts used for working with the interface involve touchscreen gestures which are not easy or sometimes impossible to replicate with the mouse. The other problem with the new interface is accessibility — for users who have limited mobility and or vision Windows 8 is not easy to use.


If you like touchscreens and purchase a new computer with a touchscreen monitor then Windows 8 will be your best friend. If your y using you are using a standard pointing device or you need accessibility options sticking with Windows 7 will be your best option. Microsoft believes that Windows 8 will be widely adopted by corporations because of the enhanced security features under the hood. My informal survey of the companies we work with do not bear out that conclusion.


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