My SSD is faster than your HDD!

Solid-state disk (SSD) are definitely much faster than the traditional hard disk drive (HDD) but are they worth the extra money?

Current SSD’s are selling for around three dollars a gigabyte. Hard disk drives are selling for between .20¢ and .30¢ per gigabyte. That is a substantial difference in price between the two drives. The SSD drive is substantially more rugged than a traditional HDD drive. OCZ claims that it’s SSD can sustain 1500 G’s of shock before being damaged. While Seagate claims it’s HDD drive can withstand 350 G’s while operating and 800 G’s when turned off.

The only way to answer this question, as with any piece of hardware, is to analyze what you are intending to do with your computer. We want to let the software drive us to pick out the correct hardware.

If you use your computer primarily as a media device, i.e. you keep thousands of music files, pictures and video files on your computer then a traditional HDD will be the most cost effective solution.

If you’re using your computer primarily as an office machine, i.e. you are using e-mail, creating documents and spreadsheets and storing them on a server, then the SSD may be a good choice for your workflow.

In some cases it is possible to build a computer that can support two drives. Almost all desktops support more than one drive while most notebooks tend to support only one drive. If your computer supports two drives having a solid-state drive for your operating system and programs and a hard drive for your data is an excellent solution.

In conclusion if you need blazing fast boot ups and application launches a SSD drive is the way to go. If you need a lot of capacity for data a HDD drive is for you. As the price of SSD drives continues to drop we will see a much wider adoption of these drives.


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