How to use the Windows 7 Snipping Tool

Windows 7 has added a useful new tool called the “Snipping Tool.” This tool allows you to capture a screenshot of anything on your screen as an image. After capturing the image you can annotate save or share with somebody else. This is a useful feature for troubleshooting your computer with somebody else. If you receive an error message from a program or Windows you can capture that message and e-mail it to somebody who is capable of resolving your problem.

It can also be helpful for creating a visual guide for completing a task on the computer.

The steps for using this tool are as follows:

  • Use the start button point to the “All Programs”
  • Click on the “Accessories” group
  • Click “Snipping Tool”
  • Click the “New snip” button arrow
  • Select a capture option – Freeform Snip, Rectangle Snip, Windows Snip, Full-Screen Snip
  • Drag a freeform, or rectangle shape or click a window
  • Used the pen, highlighter, Andy racer tools to annotate an image
  • Use the “Send Snip” button to share the image
  • Used the “Save” button to save the image on your computer locally – you can select different file formats JPEG is probably the most common file format available
  • If you simply want to copy it to the clipboard use the “copy” button
  • When you are finished use the “close” button to close the program

    Screen capture


In my example above I captured an image of Microsoft Word.

– Dave

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