Importing Contacts from Yahoo! to Outlook

I have been asked several times in the last month on how to move contacts from Yahoo! mail to Outlook 2010…so here ya go!!

First Export Your Contacts:

On your Yahoo! Mail page, click Options in the upper-right corner and select More Options.

From the list on the left side, click Contacts.

Click the “Tools” button just below the Contacts tab.

Click “Export”.

You options are:

Microsoft Outlook:


Yahoo! CSV:

vCard Single File: (recommended for Palm Desktop users)

vCard, Zip of .VCF files:

Click on the export now button next to Outlook

I would save the file on your desktop

Next Import Your Contacts:

Importing contacts into Outlook 2010 is a straightforward process. Open Outlook 2010. Go to the File tab and select Open in the left pane of the window. Click Import in the main window to start the Import and Export Wizard.

Select Import from Another Program or File and click Next.

Select Comma Separated Values (Windows) and click Next.

Click the Browse button. Navigate to the location on your computer in which you saved the CSV file containing your contacts. Click on the CSV file to select it and click OK.

If you are importing a list of contacts that contains more thorough or up-to-date information than you currently have in Outlook 2010, or if you do not yet have any contacts in Outlook 2010, select Replace Duplicates with Items Imported.

If you wish to import your contact list without affecting your current Outlook 2010 contact list at all, select Allow Duplicates to be Created. If the contacts in your Outlook 2010 account are more current than the ones you are importing, select Do Not Import Duplicate Items.

Click Next.

Select a destination folder for the contacts you are importing. Most likely, this will be your Contacts folder. Click Next.

Click the Map Custom Fields button to make sure Outlook saves the contact information in the correct fields. Drag the values from the From section on the left of the dialog box. Drop each value onto the appropriate field in the To section on the right side of the dialog box. When you are finished mapping all of the fields you wish to import, click OK.

Click Finish. Wait while your contacts are imported into Outlook 2010. Depending on the size of your CSV file and your system, this may take a few minutes.

Once the process is complete, your contacts will all be listed in your Outlook 2010 account.


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