Microsoft Updates…

By default the Microsoft update program in Windows is set to automatically download and install updates daily. This option assures the user that they have the most current updates for their Microsoft products. Unfortunately it does not give the user any control over which updates are installed. Many of the Microsoft updates that are downloaded and installed automatically are actually only “recommended” updates from Microsoft. Generally speaking these types of updates do not fix problems but add features or improve performance of the Microsoft products. I’ve run into several instances where the “recommended” update from Microsoft had the unintended consequence of causing a piece of hardware or software to stop working. When the computer downloads and installs updates automatically is very difficult to locate the update causing the problems and remove it.

I recommend that my customers change their Microsoft update settings to “Notify”. This setting will notify the user via an icon and bubble in the notification area when Microsoft has made an update available. When the user sees that there are updates available they can click on the update icon in the notification area which will take them to a window with a description of the updates that are available. I recommend that my customers download and install any updates related to security. I suggest that users highlight the other updates and carefully read the description of the update to determine if it is update that they will need or use. After downloading and installing updates the user should reboot their computer and make sure any of the programs that were updated are still working correctly.

By taking more control of the update process my customers have experienced fewer problems and errors with their Microsoft products.

And of course, this post was created using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 🙂

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